Everything started from an early age in the late 90’s when I wanted to be an Inventor. All made sense, I would have my own lab and I would be like one of these inventors in the films.

As a teenager I always was very explorer and creative, I think that because of the education received. An education driven by a jeweller brother, a handyman mother and a doctor father. This mix of knowledge make me become into the guy that everyone calls to fix any mechanical or electronic problem. I had the ability to look at the problem and stop to think which one will be the best solution within my possibilities and the material available.
Over the years I was also learning how to use all kind of machinery and tools, allowing me, from knowing how to make a tiny jewellery piece to make a steel structure with tight tolerances. But my explorer ambition when beyond, so I bought my first kit of carbon fibre and epoxy to make few parts for my motorcycle and since then I haven’t stop to using it.

Between 2009 and 2013 I was studding mechanical engineering while spending my free time in my own workshop manufacturing all kind of stuff. I made more carbon fiber parts, a wind tunnel for an aerodynamic project, a welded aluminium prototype suspension, I helped my brother to manufacture a supermotard pit bike from the sketch, a log splitter for the final career project, pieces with my own mill machine, restorations and so many more thing.

Finally I finished my degree successful and I started to work for a company as engineer in a project with a very interesting patent. But after a while, I realised that I didn’t want to work in somebody else ideas, I was coming out of my path, what really makes me happy and I wanted to return to my path. So, I came to England to learn English and to be able to get more knowledge and see how the world moves outside of the Canary Island (Spain), where I come from.
Since the beginning I started to design watches while working in the toughest job I’ve ever been. However this is one of the best things that has happened in my life, because I managed to transform the 10 boring hours inside of the warehouse, in the place where to start to think about how to build my best and more complex project I’ve ever done.

«I don’t think that I have to explain that I was driven by the thought that never again in my life I going to do something I don’t want to do.»

Since then, I’ve been focus as a laser into create the best watch company possible. A company that for me requires two very important things. A surprising product and a special relationship with the customers. It’s said fast and it looks easy, but in the practice there are a lot of factors that influence in the creation of a watch brand with a long-term goal. Factors among which one of the most complex is to follow the rhythm of the planet earth is moving in the 21’s century. A very fast rhythm but that it’s inside of my possibilities, because I’m doing something that I love and that I have been dreaming with, since I was very young.

I have been 25 years preparing myself for this moment so, effort, courage and go for it!

The rest of the story is the present, where I spend most of my time working in RzR that is part of my life together with my family and my friends.

«Work or enjoy, never waste your time!»