Legacy and Impact is the life purpose we’ve chosen.
A journey where to learn, make and enjoy together.

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RzR – The Company and Ricardo Zamora Rojas

RzR – The Company

In RzR, we believe that challenging ourselves by doing things that nobody has done before is the only way to achieve real satisfaction and enjoyment. Using high-tech materials such as carbon fiber, communicating a true story and providing value, we consider we are creating a new path in the world of watchmaking.

RzR is a watch company with an original method of doing things. Every single detail must have a reason, and the desire is always to create, innovate and improve original concepts to forge our own style into the brand.

We are focused on the people, the people who like and appreciate how we work and what we do. In the end, the only way to enjoy the journey is by sharing it with the people we love. Therefore, we can’t wait to see the RzR community growing together.

Our philosophy is simple, we love what we do, and we differentiate as much as we can from the rest of the world.


Various materials, techniques and especially stories are involved in the near future of RzR. There are so many concepts that we want to execute, but only the ones you like the most will be selected. Our ambition is to create a small collection of watches inspired by different ideas where the important thing is to spark your imagination and see how deep we can get into your heart.

Ricardo Zamora Rojas

Everything started from an early age in the late 90’s when I wanted to be an inventor. All made sense; I would have my own lab, and I would be like one of these inventors in the films.

As a teenager I was always very explorer and creative, I think that because of the education received. An education driven by a jeweller brother, a handyman mother and a doctor father. This mix of knowledge and different ways of seeing the world makes me become an open mind guy with a lot of projects and dreams to achieve.

Over the years I was also learning how to use all kind of machinery and tools, allowing me, from knowing how to make a tiny jewellery piece to steel structures for other projects. But my explorer ambition went beyond when I bought my first kit of carbon fibre to make parts for my motorcycle, and since then I haven’t stopped using it.

Between 2009 and 2013 I was studying mechanical engineering while spending my free time in my workshop manufacturing all kind of stuff.
Carbon fiber parts, a wind tunnel for an aerodynamic project, a supermotard pit bike with my brother and so many more things. Fundamentally, exploring why, when, how and what I wanted to do.

“What I didn’t know is that some years later I was going to mix my love for mechanical objects, design and carbon fiber to create a watch company.”

Finally, I finished my degree successfully, and I started to work for a company as an engineer on a project with a fascinating patent. But after a while, I realised that I didn’t want to work in somebody else ideas. I was going out of my way, what makes me happy and I wanted to return to my path. So, I came to England with my wife to be able to get more knowledge and see how the world moves outside of the Canary Islands (Spain), where I come from.

London became my new neighbourhood. A place full of energy where I started to design watches while working in a job that changed me forever. The warehouse wasn’t funny but working ten hours a day doing something where you don’t have to use your mind was very helpful to start to think how to build the best and more complex project I’ve ever done. I was back in my path, full of power and even in a city with tonnes of opportunities.

Since then, I’ve been focused like a laser on creating the best watch company. A company that for me requires two crucial things. A surprising product and a special relationship with the customers.

The rest of the story is the present, where I spend most of my time working in RzR that is part of my life together with my family and friends.

Ricardo Zamora Rojas

“Work or enjoy, never waste your time!”