This year 2019 is crucial for the development of the company, and in this short article, I would like to talk about one of the most significant ones.

We are moving!

We are moving from the United Kingdom to the Canary Islands, Spain, more specifically to Tenerife. So, in a short period, we will start to operate from where we believe, is the best place of the world.

Canary Islands

This change is something that we knew from the beginning, it is a matter of resources, of branding and also personal. We thought it would happen later, after the launch of the first model. However, studying our business model and the strategy we have for the future, it is best to make that change as soon as possible and even before the commercialisation of the RzR Tecorón. This way we make sure that after the Kickstarter campaign, the customers get the watch on time, that we can operate with better fluidity, with fewer impediments and as a result, we can provide higher value to our customers and followers.

Additionally, another justification why this change is so positive is that we have plans —for the not too distant future— to create a watch model that will be completely customizable by our customers and even later, the in-house manufacturing of the watches. So, being in a place where for personal reasons we have more opportunities to work efficiently, is an intelligent strategy.

Custom RzR Watch design

Another relevant argument is to be able to explain our own philosophy much better.

“Work or enjoy, do not waste your time.”

We have been working for a long time on this project, and we haven’t even started to communicate our message. We have been only working 24/7, but we have plans once we get there to —at least once a week— leave the work aside and focus just on life. We want to show you where the name of our first model comes from, unique places and unique people with incredible craftsmanship skills. Just like our approach in the watch industry, we want to show you a different point of view of the planet earth. The one we know the best and the one we love.


So please, bear with us. We are currently processing this move, working on the new office, the workshop and getting everything ready to continue our operation from Tenerife, a new challenge with a lot of opportunities. I hope you are as excited as we are about this news.

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