• Carbon fiber RzR watch article

The manufacturing origin of the RzR watches

This time I would like to talk about the manufacturing origin of RzR watches, but before starting, it would be a good idea to contextualise why and the reasons for these choices. Since I started this project, the idea has always been to create an innovative product with an exceptional quality-price. A watch with an added value that anyone can buy. In this first model —RzR Tecorón— the innovation is based on the use of carbon [...]

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  • Wood and watch movement

Carbon fiber has to be treated like wood — Watch Industry

Wood and carbon fiber are anisotropic materials, that is the reason for its similarities. As I said in the first article —you can read it here—, what we often call carbon fiber is the composite material formed by a matrix (carbon fiber —the material that gives strength) and a binder (epoxy —the glue of those fibers). Please, keep this in mind because it is essential to understand what I want to explain in this article. In [...]

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  • Carbon fiber watch movement

The basics of carbon fiber — Watch industry

— Carbon fiber is a complex topic. We can talk about it for hours and never stop. During the next weeks I'm going to create some posts about the sixth element of the periodic table but let's start at the beginning — Starting with the basics, we often call carbon fiber to the composite material that we see in watches and car parts, but we have to understand that the carbon fiber itself is only the raw [...]

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