This time I would like to talk about the manufacturing origin of RzR watches, but before starting, it would be a good idea to contextualise why and the reasons for these choices.

Since I started this project, the idea has always been to create an innovative product with an exceptional quality-price. A watch with an added value that anyone can buy. In this first model —RzR Tecorón— the innovation is based on the use of carbon fiber for as many pieces as possible. The case of the watch, the case back, the bracelet and even the lock mechanism are made of this material, to name a few parts.

Carbon fiber watch parts

One of the most complex tasks has been the choice of these component manufacturers. In our case, the ideal to obtain our objective has been to find specific companies on each piece or material that we need and work with each of them individually to obtain the best of each one. To give an example, if we need a specific screw or nut, we speak directly with the best screw manufacturers, we always put the quality ahead and then we choose the one that suits the best our needs.

Carbon fiber RzR watch

Another interesting point is the carbon fiber pieces. Each and every one of the parts have been designed by us not only aesthetically but mechanically. By this, I mean that we have had long meetings and many tests so that each piece is manufactured the way we want and meets our standards. As I have mentioned on previous occasions, the placement of carbon fibers is critical for the material to work in the best conditions and this is one of the reasons why we are still in the process of prototyping. We had some problems before, but we have already resolved it, and we are almost sure that the product that we already have in our hands by February 2019 is practically the final product.

We have chosen the best company for the manufacture of sapphire crystals, the highest quality for the manufacture of the screws of the case back, the most specialised in the manufacture of carbon fiber parts for watches and the one that offers best quality-price for dials and hands, for example. The list of partners is long, but this way we ensure exhaustive quality control, for us and as a secondary result we also obtain the best prices from each one, since we work directly with the factories.

Sapphire rystal and black Hytrel gasket

In conclusion, we have parts of the watch like the movements that come from Japan, other parts from Hong Kong, China, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. It is a very international watch, and we like to be transparent with you about this.

The watches are extremely complicated products, and very few companies in the world are capable of manufacturing them. They require extremely accurate tolerances, incredible surface qualities and meticulous quality controls, so only companies that are dedicated to this industry can do it. In the case of carbon fiber parts for watches, we only know four companies around the world that make pats for others companies like us, so we have chosen the ones that have the best quality-price, and that also are able to work together with us to develop new manufacturing techniques.

What I am going to comment next deserves its own article, but I would like to leave a record here since it is related. Did you know that “Swiss Made” watches by law only require that 60% of the production cost must be made in Switzerland —among other things? Unlike what many people think, “Swiss Made” watches, especially those with a lower price range, delegate a large part of the production to Eastern countries such as China or Hong Kong. For this reason, when comparing two watches, you should compare what you see and not what it is in the “tag”. It can be of exceptional quality and have parts manufactured in Hong Kong or be an average watch and have been manufactured in Switzerland. In the end, the important thing is the quality of the machinery used for manufacturing, the specialisation of the operator and the quality control.

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