It is curious, but one of the first steps of the manufacture of a product is usually the creation of the tools that you will need to manufacture it, especially when doing something that nobody has ever done.

Many of you know that we have been prototyping and testing our watches for a long time and this is because all the parts except for the movement have been manufactured exclusively for our company. Even some of them, such as the carbon fiber bracelet, the dials, the hands and also the tiny hardware that we use, have needed the creation of custom tools to be manufactured.

Carbon fiber bracelet

On the other hand, for the assembly of the watch, universal tools could be used, but after trying some of them, we haven’t obtained a result as satisfactory as if we made custom tools for our watch. Therefore, we have decided to use 3D printing technology to solve the issue. It is an extra effort since it takes time to design and manufacture these tools, but we don’t want to skimp on the last details so that all watches are consistent and have the quality we desire.

“Either it is done well, or it is not done.”

Custom watch press

This technology allows us in a fast and efficient way to manufacture jigs for the assembly of many of the pieces and even for the manufacture of watch parts that we make in-house.

—It is a short article without much details, but with it, we want to convey, at least a little, the complexity it can be to create a product from scratch, with a different approach to the standard of this industry and utilising materials that very few companies have had the courage to use.—

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